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IB Visual Arts Trip to Edinburgh 2021

Recently the IB1 & 2 Art students spent the day in Edinburgh visiting three major Art Galleries of Scotland to further develop their enquiry within the arts.

Museums and galleries are one of the greatest teaching tools, and now that some lockdown restrictions have eased, the students were able to discover the importance of seeing artworks up close and personal.

This year’s visit to the Modern Galleries 1 and 2 has enhanced the students' experience and perception of artists and their work. Students had the opportunity to look at and examine the work of Ray Harryhaussen, a film special effects superstar who elevated stop motion animation to an art form. His innovative and inspiring films, from the 1950s onwards, changed the face of modern movie making forever. The students were able to see up close the artists’ incredible model making skills, alongside storyboarding and film posters.

The second gallery visit involved the students getting creative with their own drawings and taking notes on a piece of art they have been studying in class. The students were asked to further their research by seeking out their chosen artwork and learn what differences and insights can inform us on a deeper understanding when looking at the work ‘in the flesh’.

The students also enjoyed the works by Surrealism and Dada artists and they spent some time examining the subject matter, techniques and history of art in relation to ToK questions.

The final part of the day in Edinburgh was spent in the City Art Centre, where students explored the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay. This gallery space afforded the fantastic opportunity for the students to see how different galleries present artworks in ways to inform the audience through visual communication.

This year's trip proved to be a great success. The students were excited and felt inspired by the trip. The visit to Edinburgh Art Galleries and seeing art first-hand has proved an entirely different experience from seeing a reproduced image.

Our students have gained a different perspective and deeper understanding as to why art is created to be experienced; when the subtlety and complexity of some works are entirely lost in reproduction, they must be seen, sensed, witnessed, and felt.

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