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Ramadan and Eid at ISA ☪

ISA celebrates every individual and their culture, and as an international school we don't celebrate any particular festival. Instead, we encourage and support families to use the school as a space to honour their cultures.

The PTO actively works to raise awareness of various festivals, events and initiatives throughout the year and provide opportunities for students to engage and converse with each other about these festivals to help accomplish this goal.

It is especially important for students at ISA to understand how cultural festivals come to be celebrated differently between countries and even within local communities. There are many families at ISA who are not Muslim but spent many years in the Middle East or Northern Africa. There are, however, Muslim families in almost every Grade, and they come from a range of countries, some Islamic and some not.

The PTO have created many displays at various points in the school year from Diwali, Christmas and Far East Spring Festival, and this week, we are exploring Ramadan and Eid.

In the video above, we've asked some of the students who celebrate Ramadan and Eid to discuss how they celebrate these festivals. Check out what they had to say in the video.

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