IGCSE Qualification

ISA is a registered testing centre for IGCSE qualifications offered by UK exam boards.

Our students have had outstanding success with university offers based upon their end of Grade 12 International Baccalaureate Diploma qualification (S6) and studies show that this programme prepares students very well for university.

Some universities may require IGCSEs or equivalent depending on the course and selectivity of the university. Students are encouraged to research this ahead of time or speak to their counsellor to get advice and help with decisions.

Students entering Grade 9 (S3) will embark upon several courses that meet the requirements of the Cambridge IGCSE syllabuses. Students will therefore have the option of taking these external exams at the end of Grade 10 (S4). Taking these exams is not mandatory. The Grade 9 and Grade 10 registration forms also explains the timetable for these exams. IGCSE subjects available are; English, International Mathematics, Global Perspectives, French, Spanish, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Art and Design, Computer Science, Design and Technology, and Media Studies. Families will be invoiced £80 pounds per subject to cover exam entry and invigilation costs.

Grade 9 and Grade 10 classes will cover material at the ‘Extended Level’ that gives access to IGCSE grades A*-E, but it should be noted that to complete the Extended exam in Mathematics, students need to be in the 9E class (the 9C class meets the Core requirements). All students will study Integrated Science in Grade 9 and can then choose in Grade 10 to specialise further in sciences (biology, chemistry, physics). These combined two years would prepare students for the IGCSE exam.

To study for a French or Spanish IGCSE, a student should have some prior exposure to their intended language.

Students can choose to take Art and Design and Computer Science as one year, stand-alone elective courses but will need to register again for the remaining modules in Grade 10 if they wish to complete the IGCSE course.

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